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Our prices

Shading approx. 70 x 70 cm (two seaters): 139,- €

Shading approx. 70 x 50 cm (single seaters): 139,- €

Off-sized sizes (max. 100 cm width) per request

Transportation bag for the shading articles 70 x 70: 15,- €

Shipping within Germany: 8,- €

Shipping to other EU-countries: from 15,- €

Spare parts

Slide rail 70 cm: 15,-€ per piece

Full-needled sun protection in every color: 80,-€ per piece

Aluminium bar (crossbar within the material): 1,-€ per piece

Conductor in a slide rail: 0,50 € per piece

Knurled screw: 5,- € per piece

Plate with threaded holes in a slide rail: 1,-€ per piece

Suction holder incl. screws: 18,- € per piece

Adjuster: 1,-€ per piece


Belgium: www.jmbaircraft.com

Italy: www.aliveneta.it

France: www.kbi-ul.com

Great Britain: www.cambraicovers.com

South Africa: www.cometaviationsupplies.co.za

Norway: www.atecaircraft.no

Lithuania: www.aeroshop.eu

Australia: www.skyshop.com.au