> The runningrail is composed of an aluminum profile and is fixed with suctioncups at the cockpit hood

> Due to the sewn rods in the shade cloth the equipment adapts to the curvature of fly-tex in the cockpit windscreen

> With the screw at the front of the rail you can fix the fly-tex in every arbitrary position

> Dimensions: approx. 70 x 70 cm suitable for the twoseater low-wing (Special sizes are available at extra cost)


> Two suctioncups are on each end of the rail

> so you can position easily the shading on the windscreen

> fly-tex is thus for example suitable for cleaning the glass easy to remove and re-attach

>Attention: During flights in bigger heights the suctioncups could unglue due to the changing air pressure

>Therefore please control the fit before the flight and during the climb flight